Bindi Nutrition Tip #6 FUEL FOR RACING

The most important tip here… don’t try anything new! By the time you get to race day you should have practised all your nutrition in training and race day is the time to roll out the plan. Ensure you are sufficiently carb loaded in the days prior to your race and eat...

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Bindi Nutrition Tip #5 CARB LOADING

The week leading up to a big race is time to back off training and refuel your body’s glycogen stores, which is a process commonly known as ‘carb loading’. The aim is to feel lean, refreshed and full of energy come race day. Start increasing your...

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Bindi Nutrition Tip #3 RECOVERY

Most people will get enough protein in their diet, but if you get the timing and type of protein right you can really boost your recovery. Your body has a neat little recovery window for up to an hour after an exercise, so using protein in this window will kick-start...

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Bindi Nutrition Tip #2 FUEL FOR TRAINING

There are some great guidelines for fuelling for training, and our best recommendation is to visit a sports dietician like David Bryant (Catalyst) to get a nutrition plan tailored specifically for YOU! As a very general rule, you can try 750ml Bindi per hour of...

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8 week Novice Course

Oct 14-Dec 10, 2017 Only 30 places available – last year sold out – sign up now to avoid disappointment! Ever dreamt of completing a triathlon but don’t know where to start? Done a triathlon but want to take your performance to the next level? Come...

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Club Event Series

The Club Event Series is back for 2017/18! Featuring 9 club races starting with a new event, the Fremantle Tri Club Winter Enduro Duathlon in September and concluding with the Goldfields Classic in April.  It also includes favourites like the Peninsula Personal...

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Bindi – Nutrition & Hydration Partner

We at Stadium Tri Club are excited to announce our new season partnership with Bindi nutrition and hydration. Bindi is a local WA product and the brain child of Belinda Dennis a long time friend of Stadium who hales from Busselton. Belinda is an avid triathlete and...

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